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Some facts about High Tatras: In Slovakia, the country at the heart of Europe, you will find the most compact Alpine mountain range in the world - The High Tatras. The area of the High Tatra Mountains is synonymous with the area of the unusual town Vysok‚ Tatry. This town was originally made up of fifteen Tatra settlements that were formed gradually, both by the movement of people from the areas underlying the mountains and by developing health and tourism centres. Vysoké Tatry gradually created its own infrastructure which includes a curative center, Gerlachovský štít recreation and sporting facilities, as well as permanent population in a symbiosis of development and conservation of the natural environment. The High Tatras can lay claim to being the most visited location in Slovakia. It is really indredible and unique how one can in a very short time get from urban areas to the mountain tops with their typical mountain relief and remarkable flora and fauna. Tourists use the area for relaxation and recreational opportunities and patients for the treatment of respiratory illnesses therefore people come to the High Tatras both, for relaxation and for their health. Kriváň They come to the oldest Slovak national park where the rules of movement must be respected. We all have to realise that at the moment we enter this magnificent cathedral of nature, we are only borrowing it from our grandchildren. The gateway to the town of Vysoké Tatry is symbolically open to everyone who enters with good intentions and peace. Welcome!

Penzin .184, Star Lesn, Vysok Tatry
Penzin .184, Star Lesn, Vysok Tatry Penzin .184, Star Lesn, Vysok Tatry Penzin .184, Star Lesn, Vysok Tatry   Penzin .184, Star Lesn, Vysok Tatry

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